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The enterProj solution is a cloud based software service that provides your organization visibility into the data that is critical to your success. By leveraging enterProj, you will provide instant access to your businesses critical data on desktop and mobile devices with minimal IT investment. Leveraging the enterProj service will allow you to drive consistent processes across your organization, and enable global collaboration improving your speed to market.


Focusing on business value and flexibility, enterProj modules may be purchased individually or in bundles. This innovative software design requires little additional administration, modules can be enabled in days and deployed with minimal training. All modules share common master data, user interface, and admin tables. Speed of deployment, high business value, low risk and low investment are at the core of all enterProj modules.

Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management

The core module of enterProj which houses key information on all projects in the company, enables consistent execution of company launch processes, enables team collaboration and management of related timing, issues, documents, tooling/equipment and much more. Gateway review functionality enables instant executive review of all key project information

Resource Budget, Forecasting and Time Reporting

Create engineering budgets and detail to project level. Track engineers time on projects to monitor budget and enable recovery from customers when reimbursable. Consolidation across projects enables multi year views of engineering to support forecasting and resource planning


Customer Relationship / Event Management

Enables corporate wide collaboration on customer related information. Document key customers contacts, share documents, track customer meetings and outcomes. Helps ensure one face to your customers across the globe.

Financial Management

Financial Model

Complete model of financials for each project involving all investment, recovering, selling prices, costs, etc.; ability to generate income statement for each project or combined statements for a group of projects. Used to develop quotes to customers and maintain transparency to the impact of changes to the parts or project and their impact on margins and other key financial metrics.

Project Appropriation Request (PAR)

Defines capital investment for each project and provides workflows to route for analysis and approval. Consolidates capital plans across all projects to enable corporate capital planning. Available as a stand alone module or integrated to FIN. When integrated it automatically extracts investment from the FIN model and ensure capital being approved is consistent with quotes to customers and internal financial expectations.

Continuous Improvement

Operations Roadmap

Provides ability for project teams and/or manufacturing plants to define opportunities and related actions to improve margins and overall operating income. Financial impact of each opportunity is determined and action plans developed and monitored in the system.

Change Management

Tool to capture all changes on a project that impact financials or require collaboration. Engineering changes to parts, logistic changes, volume changes, supplier changes, are some examples of the numerous types of changes that could be managed. Workflows enable the cross functional development, review and approval of changes and the execution of the change. When integrated to financial model provides complete walk that changes have on the project financial performance.

Quality Management

Problem Resolution System

Quality management system to track all quality defects/incidents and the related corrective actions within your company. Enables rapid transparency across the organization to minimize impact of incident, allows a company to manage in their process and export report to meet customer format requirements for corrective action reporting (8D...) Consolidates corporate wide PPM data and reporting.

Supplier Scorecard

Online quality management system to track supplier quality incidents and corrective actions. Suppliers report actions online, Supplier performance is tracked and reported in scorecard fashion. System enables supplier chargeback process to facilitate recover of costs incurred due to supplier issues.

Supplier APQP

Module that allows suppliers to participate on project teams in enterProj. Suppliers maintain their status on key deliverables, suppliers can be assigned open issues, documents submitted on line. For automotive clients this module enables submission of APQP documentation.

Shared Services

Accounts Receivable Management

Consolidates open receivables across numerous ERP / financial systems. Provides aging of receivables and functionality to manages issues related to outstanding receivables to facilitate prompt collection of outstanding payments.

Accounts Payable Management

Consolidates open payables across numerous ERP / financial systems. Provides aging of payables and functionality to manage issues related to disputes to ensure proper execution of payables process.

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