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Our customers from a range of industries are leveraging the enterProj system to improve quality, cost and timing. Find out what over 65,000 users already know about how enterProj helps them to increase revenue and profitability.


Experience what it means to leverage the enterProj system to move your organization forward.

  • Know what new business is being developed or pursued and the expected financial return
  • Know who is working on what
  • Know when things need to be done
  • Know what suppliers are involved in what projects and how they are doing
  • Know what is happening by segment (Region, business unit, customer...)
  • Get data available in the context that you need
  • Know how different functions are performing (Purchasing, Engineering...)
  • Know what the top risks are to your business and who is doing what to resolve
  • Know when changes are being made and share your input
  • And much, much more...


Portfolio Management / Visibility

Instant access to real time performance of programs provides high level visibility on key issues to allow them to be addressed quickly before customer or financial performance is affected.

Pursuit Management

Manage pursuits like a project with process and visibility. Better control on quotes to ensure resources go to highest value opportunities and see the performance of business development teams. Track lost business pursuits and implement lessons learned to improve success on future pursuits.

Financial Control

Detailed financial performance of each program is managed over the full lifecycle from quote to production. Change control ensures that all changes to the program are fully managed and the impact on the overall financial performance of the program is known. Helps ensure that when the program launches it meets financial expectations established at time business was won.


Allows the program manager to focus more on business leadership and be less of team administrator. All activity to successfully launch a program is assigned to individuals and there is complete transparency to who is responsible for what, by when...each team member updates their work tasks and can see what others are doing. Documents stored in one place. No need to chase data saves time for everyone and better hand offs across functions.

Process Enforcement / Accountability

Templates for different types of project are pre-loaded into system to ensure everyone is following the latest process.

Financial Planning

Consolidate financials for a group of programs or all program to derive multi year income statements for future business. Ability to see all capital investment for future business facilitates corporate capital planning process. New business wins functionality facilitates business backlog financial reporting.

Supplier Performance

With supplier module the suppliers are treated like extended team members and collaborate in the same space as your team. Suppliers have visibility to key timing requirements, get assignments, update issues themselves and submit APQP documents online. Manage more suppliers, better, without additional resources.

Low investment / support

enterProj Software as a Service model allows rapid deployment typically with no infrastructure investment required. Support is included in subscription rate. Virtually no IT support is needed.

Access Anywhere

Employees can access the system securely from any computer anywhere in the world with an internet connection enabling employees to work from anywhere.

Cost Offsets

IT: eliminate disparate legacy systems and support. Efficiency: less manual reporting, less chasing data/docs, less chasing team members. Resources Avoidance: increased coverage without additional headcount, i.e. Supplier Performance... Launch costs: early management of issues leads to reduction of launch premiums like expediting.

Cost Recovery

Monitoring tooling PPAP and managing tooling spend in system helps to ensure rapid recovery of investment for customer funded tools.


Workflows in the system automate key business processes ensuring all appropriate people are informed and approvals are obtained in a timely manner. "My enterProj" functionality enables employees to have full visibility and access to all items they are responsible for and system emails let individuals know when they have new assignments or items are late.


System can easily scale to support growth and acquisition, business can adjust system themselves to meet changes to business model or processes, modules can be activated to extend functionality as organizational capability grows.


Lessons Learned functionality proactively drives things gone right and things gone wrong experienced on one program to all other similar programs quickly informing them of the opportunity and allowing them to create action plans to address on their program before they experience an issue or miss and opportunity for improvement.

Data Hierarchy

Relationships between customers, model years, product lines, plants and much more are established in the system and enable you to view data in whatever context needed (All programs launching in 2015, all issues for customer X, etc...This framework serves as corporate data structure enabling data in other systems to be rationalized in a similar context via business intelligence tools.

Platform for Continuous Improvement

Discipline around core product development process exposes additional opportunities in related tools and processes. Integration with other tools is possible and enables full end to end process control across the enterprise.


Our solution works with a wide variety of Industries. Contact us now to find out how we can help your organization improve your bottom line today.

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  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Heavy Machinery
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  • Manufacturing
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